Panny TH-42PWD6 - More help!



Hi, got some advice earlier in the week on connections.

To recap I have the following:

Panasonic TH-42PWD6 panel
Yamaha RX-V440 AV Amp
Yamaha DVD S540
Sky digibox
JS Technology RGB to component (YUV) converter

The advice I got was as follows:

Sky to Converter - RGB Scart
Converter to Amp - Component
DVD to Amp - Component
Amp to Plasma - Component

Now I have done the above, and cannot get a picture at all from either the Sky or DVD.

I have come to 3 conclusions:

1. There must be some software setup?
2. My Converter is not working?
3. I am cursed!

Please can someone help me, I was full of enthusiasm when all this stuff landed, and now I am frustrated as hell!

Please put me out of my considerable misery, and please remember this has to be idiot proof!




Back to basics mate, you have probably

1. not enabled RGB on sky. the converter needs an RGB signal, not 'PAL' which is composite. Dont forget aspect ratio while you're down there.

2. Many DVD players have RGB scar OR YUV from Phono, not both. Again, a menu job. Re reading, this is definitely true of the 540, good picture but horrid in many other ways, but then it's furiously cheap for the image quality, something's got to give I suppose. That remote!



Tried that on bith and hey presto, it works, although the DVD picture is very 'letterboxed' even if I try and stretch the picture it does not fil the screen. Any ideas?

Also, I am going to get adventurous now, and hook up a Sony VCR. As far as I can see it has a Scart. Whats the best way to connect this, I have a Scart to 'something' lead, there are 3 jack plugs but they are not the Component colours?

Any help appreciated,



DVD aspect ratio.... it's set to 4:3 set it to 16:9 and all will be right. 2.35:1 movies will still be letterboxed, this is normal and desirable, this is the shape they were shot in.

VCR, connect the yellow from your scart to video in on the panasonic, red and white to audio on the amp, you could route this via the amp if it's more convenient. You'll still have to switch inputs on the display. I'm assuming you have the component/composite board here.


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markwhiteside99 said:

Tried that on bith and hey presto, it works,

That's actually one of the most common technical questions we get! RGB must be enabled. We cover this both in the user manual and in the FAQ section of the website.

As for DVD aspect, even though you've got the screen set to 16:9 a 2:31 to one picture won't fill it vertically. It's actually wider than a widescreen TV!

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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