Panny TH-42PHD8BK Installed Today _ WOW!!


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I have been lurking in these forums for over a year now, reading everyone's thoughts about the various plasmas as they heave been released. I have been waiting to buy until I finished decorating the lounge (including laying a new laminate floor).

When the PV500 was launched, I thought that's the one and the wife agreed. However, the decorating took longer than anticipated and by the time I was ready to buy the 8 Series panels had been released.

I have actually bought the PHD8 blind - I know, one should always see for oneself before shelling out such a large wad. But I have always liked Panasonic TVs and judging by the views of the forum, I don't think buying blind was too much of a risk in this case.

It took me most of the afternoon to get the panel on the wall (I had a faff with the bracket bolts but it's very secure and ain't going anywhere). I have connected my DVD-R via component to a component board, my Sky+ box via the DVD-R RGB Scart into a RGB to VGA converter and then on to the VGA port on the panel. I have also installed the HDMI blade for future expansion.

With the help of my two teenage sons the panel was soon ready for the big switch on (albeit without sound because I hadn't finished putting everything back together).

Our initial reaction was WOW not too bad - and that was just the terrestial analogue antenna input from the DVD-R tuner via RGB scart. Next came Sky+ and that was even better - not perfect but pretty darn good. This was followed by the DVD-R component output with a DVD playing - and that was awesome.

I can't see any dead/stuck pixels and apart from the initial whoosh from the fan, the panel is completely silent.

I have adjusted the settings to turn off Dynamic mode and reduced the contrast and brightness down to negative numbers - and it still looks awesome. Can't do much more this evening - the wife and no. 2 son are watching a DVD.

Tomorrow, I will set about hiding the cables going up to the panel and tidy up a few other loose ends.

This is what we were watching this morning (32" Panasonic): :thumbsdow


And this is what the wife and son are watching now :thumbsup:.


Sorry for the long post but I just wanted to share my excitement with the forum and to also thank those that have unknowingly guided me towards my purchase. I am not disappointed and neither is Mrs Rebel.

Thank you all.


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is it my eyesight... or is the pw8 very very slim..?.. looks great... what about some pix with some dvd footyage. pixel :clap:


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I saw the first picture and thought: "Man, that plasma looks small!!!"... :rotfl:

Yeah, agreed, the real plasma (2nd picture) looks very slim. Would you mind measuring how thick the plasma is and how far away from the wall it is? Look great!


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Thanks for the comments guys.

The front face of the panel is 12cm out from the wall. I used the slim-line, non-tilting wall mount as supplied by AV-Sales.

The bezel around the screen edge is 2.5cm wide and then there is a 2cm border in the screen itself.

I'll post some DVD footage pictures once I can get near it again to have a play.

Thanks again.


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i have had mine for a couple of weeks, and the PQ just gets better and better. its been run for 103 hours now, nearly time for calibration :thumbsup:
the PQ on freeview and cable is far better than i was lead to believe, and dvd is just awesome, as are HD demos from my pc

sorry about the picute quality... its from my phone


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If you want the bunny removed, best you come here and take your chances with my better half. :smashin:

It was bought about 2 or 3 years ago in a moment of weakness around Valentines Day. It has been sat on that speaker ever since.

When I was dismantling everything this afternoon (whilst Mrs was at work), I moved it to the bedroom and put it with the other fluffy toys she has stacked up in there (and no, you're not getting pictures), hoping that it would remain there.

No such luck! As soon as I had finished putting everything back together, out came the bunny to take up residence in its usual position.

Having just been permitted to purchase a 42" plasma - I wasn't about to argue. :thumbsup:


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I know the TV is impressive but Rebel...take your eyes off it and take a moment to look at the toy...I think you'll find it is a bear, not a bunny :)



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A bear - are you sure? :eek:

Goodness me, so it is :oops: .

Now, what did I just miss by averting my eyes from the screen. ;)

Anyway, I'm still impressed with the screen and it seems to be getting better already.

Just about to go and dismantle it all again so I can hide the cables.

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