Panny TH-37PE30 Connections


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I have done a search and read loads of threads but am still slightly (understatement !!!) confused.

I have the Panny TV, DMR-E85H, Panny NV-HS870B VCR and Sky digibox.
I have just put the TV on the wall (using bracket purchased from this forum member) and need to clarify connections for best viewing.

I think I need to output Sky box to DVD recorder using a scart and then DVD to AV4 of TV using a scart, this would allow me to record from the Sky box.
Then, could I put a standard roof aerial connection into the VCR and output the VCR into one of the other TV AV connections which would allow me to watch freeview in event of a problem with the Sky box but also allow me to record onto tape any channel coming down the standard aerial.

Finally I am confused (again) about the RF input to the TV, do I need to connect that between the DVD and TV or does the Scart carry all the neccessary signals ? And again, would I need to connect it from the VCR or does the Scart do that job.

Sorry to be such a donut (I'm still finding it hard to believe I can run a block containing 3 complex petro-chemical plants at work but can't wire up my bloody telly !!!) and thanks in advance for any help.

Mark .Y.


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Just bumping this back up because I really want to go out and get any cables I need today

Mark .Y.

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