Panny/Sony Connectivity problem!



Im new to all this but I have just invested in a Panasonic DMR-E85H HDD/DVD Recorder. I have a Sony IDTV (KD32DX40U) and Im having problems connecting the equipment up.

What I want to know is if there is a clever way to set timer record functions without having to set a timer on the TV and the DVDR. There seems to be an intelligent link between the two pieces of harware (called SMARTLINK). I started recording something last night and when I went to turn the TV off onto standby a message appeared on the screen saying 'Recording - Are you sure you want to switch off?' Yes/No. If I choose yes the TV goes onto standby but I loose ability to record. If I choose No then I can record but have to have the TV on. Surely theres a way to record without having to set both timers (on TV and DVDR) and have the TV on standby.

Ive set the AV2 on the Sony IDTV to TV. Then plugged AV2 into AV1 on the Panasonic. I noticed that AV2 on the Panasonic can be used with decoders and set top boxes etc, but when I used AV2 I couldnt get a picture (for the DVD player or menus)

Maybe I am expecting too much but would like to know if theres a better way of setting this up. Please help!


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If you're recording a signal that goes into the TV and then out via a scart to your recorder it will be impossible to record anything with the TV in standby simply because when in standby it shuts down all but the most basic of circuits just enough to prevent additional power surge at switch on.

If you need to record with the TV in standby you need to get a seperate Freeview set top box or a recorder that has Freeview functionality. Alternatively record from the analogue tuner in the Panny if this provides the channels required. Quality will be different of course and no widescreen.

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