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I have a frustrating problem. I can't use RGB from my dvd, freeview or digibox on my Panasonic TX36PL30 36" widescreen crt.

When I do I get varying degrees of mild flickering to bright rolling horizontal bars - especially on foggy/greyish pictures.

I have tried accessing the service menu, but there doesn't seem to be a fix. I have found service 1 and 2, but there must be more.

A page on Denon DVD players said this problem could be corrected using the service menu and adjusting the DVCO setting. However, there isn't one in service 1 or 2.

From what I've read on the net, this is a fairly common issue with Panasonics, and lots of folk have easily corrected it with the dvco adjustment.

I have both tv boxes outputting composite and the dvd to s-video. They're all okay to a degree - though there is a red-bleed tinge around red areas that is improved in RGB. So if I can, I would like to use the freeview and digibox in RGB, whereas the dvd's okay in s-video.

I have already reduced red in the service menu to help reduce the red bleed.

Previous sets were okay in rgb with the same equipment (Pioneer DVD, Pace digibox). Though the old Panasonic did have slight rolling in extreme white shots - but the overall picture was lovely and stable. Now there's an almost constant flicker effect.

The other pain in composite from the digibox is when there are large blocks of primary colours, they roll a little too, but in RGB they don't. No problem there though with the freeview box.

So RGB seems to be the solution to annoyances (as well as being a richer picture), but the flickery/bright roll is actually more annoying, so until now I've stuck to composite.

Apart from these things, the set is superb.

If anyone could help, it will be very much appreciated, having spent many hours searching the net and adjusting the settings that I can, all to no avail. I just can't get away with rgb at all.

Many thanks in advance

how did you find service 2?


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Hi Weyland

Took me ages to find this one :0)

You set the tv to ch 99, then run through to sub-brightness in service 1.

Then press Hold.

And voila!

In 2 there is sub-contrast, sub-colour and a load of code pages in what appears to be hexadecimal. I've no idea what these do, nor how to access them.

great, thanks:D

i wonder how many more there are? i daren't explore anymore as i already knackered one tv by pressing buttons "just to find out what they did":nono: :rolleyes: :D

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