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panny scht500 dialoge sound problem

Discussion in 'Home Cinema Buying & Building' started by mojopin, Dec 12, 2003.

  1. mojopin


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    Hi im new to this forum and reading through the threads i see you guys know your stuff , so with that in mind i would like to ask you a question about the panny scht500 , which i have just recently purchased. the helpwould be great.
    overall i really like this system but a few irriting problems have shown themselves over the past few days .
    1. even with the diagole enhancer on , the audio fields turned off , a little more juice added to the centre speaker , istill find i hard to hear the diagole in films , it sounds a little low.
    2.in dark scenes , they look grey , dirty and the brightnessjumps up and down anotch momentarily like that of macrovision but i doont have it through a vcr.it could just be my crappy panasonic 32" tv, a first gen model and i think it has those bars yuo guys are on about.
    3.when it plays a dvd cd, the normal whirr of the mechanics sounds a rough to me compared to other dvd players i havehad.

    any ideas
    thanks a mill

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