Panny PWD8 or PWD7


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After a whole weekend reading threads on this board, I have come to the dilema of choosing between the Panasonic TH-42PWD8B or the TH-42PWD7UY.

The deals I am considering are


£1,149.00 inc VAT With TY42TM6B Composite & S-Video board +Wallbracket


Panasonic TH-42PWD8B
£1,450 inc VAT

Price includes:
tilting wall mount,
s-video terminal board,
scart terminal board,
UK next-day delivery

The £300 difference could go towards a new sound system.

Any opinions appreciated


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what other kit do you have (video and audio).....are you bothered about Sky HD?


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At present a DVD Player and freeview decoder, I am just starting up, dont think SKY HD appeals due to the rumoured £400 tag


The S-video/Composite board comes with the PWD8 at no cost...


It's panasonic ripping off europe again again, thats for sure. in u.s., people get a component board included. not to mention that they get the panel cheaper too.

But a good example of europe getting ripped off by panasonic, is by comparing the inputs between the 42pe50 and it's u.s. equevilent, 42pd50.
no guessing for which is the bare european one. :)



Or is it just a matter of panasonic "adapting to each region" ? :suicide:


I don't know if you already know, but the PWD8 forum offer has just been reduced by £140 or so.

Hopefully that'll help you make up your mind!


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Cheers, guess I am used to rip off uk / Europe, however is the PWD8 worth the extra over the deals on the PWd7 ??


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Simon, I am waiting for a quote from Alastair, is this price reduction on the board in a thread anywhere, because as you say that will probably push me to the PWd8.

Also a bit confused is the charcoal PWD8 Black ??


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A decision you won't regret. Even though you say that Sky HD does not appeal due to the rumoured price tag, the 8 gives you a screen with at least some access to the HD signal when the HD offering price starts to drop after a few years of service, the 7 does not give you this without expensive scalers.

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