Panny PWD7 - Another connection question



Hi, there.
Just hooked up my panny to my sat box using S-video and the picture is great, but I know it can be better :) Both my sat box and DVD player have scart RGB. The dvd player does not have component outs. I want to daisy chain the 2 together and then have one lead to the plasma. I know about the JS converter thingy but had a specialised cable in mind. Will this work:
The component board on the plasma says component/RGB. Does that mean if I make a cable with a scart at one end and connect the red,red ground, green,green ground,blue,blue ground to 3 phonos and set the plasma to RGB input signal I will have a good picture? If any at all :) I have seen talk about this "RGBcvS" - does that come in to play here?

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