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Hi All,

I know that the PW6 is the so called "pro" version with the add in modules so you can configure it to do what you want and the PA20 is the "all in one" model (which is what we want, something simple for every day viewing)

But I have a few questions (no, moderators do not know everything in the world, unsuprisingly!)

The reviews I've read say that the PA20 is missing quite a few of the more advanced picture tweeks that the PW6 has, what are these?

How does the picture from the RGB/SVideo/tuner input on the PA20 compare to the PW6s? Grainier or not? Scaling ok? Pixellation? Solerisation?

Also do todays plasmas still leak the gas and die after a few years?

And the sound from either of them, is there any bottom range? (bass?) And is the volume disgustingly decent before distortion sets in? (I'm partially deaf so need plenty of "oomphh")

I've got a Philips 9763 at the moment (the only perfectly well working one it seems), which has great sound (the built in sub works well), has a great picture, but the missus doesn't like the way I've got it balanced on a couple of speakers (used as the centre channel) which are on a few bricks. Yes I agree with her it looks ugly, but I haven't found a TV stand I like, or centre speaker I even begin to like the sound of.

Of course the other option is a really good stand for the TV and umpteen hundred £ on a really good centre speaker, which I'd be doing anyway, and a new DLP projector :)



Richard, points in no particular order:

Yes the PA20 is missing a few picture tweeks, but AFAIK nothing so significant as to dismiss it on those grounds. I've never sold one, but have played with one the customer wasn't happy with, but it was the Mico DVD causing the trouble!
Plasmas never have leaked gas out, any gas leak would be instant death. Like CRT's the phosphors 'wear out' over a long period, causing loss of brightness and contrast.
Much of the panel software is the same on both panels, you could expect to see the same results on scart and YUV inputs.
The speakers were a sad disappointment to me, but I'm fussy about sound. I think if you need volume, as long as you can hear properly when it's loud enough, you might also be disappointed.
Analogue tuners on Plasmas are often disappointing. You need a really good signal, and even then it's hard to get as good as digital, and don't forget that in the lifetime of this TV the govt. will switch off analogue transmissions. We have 3-7 years, depending on where you live and how things go in terms of voluntary switching over. You being in a relatively affluent part of UK, I'd assume you are higher on the list, like me.


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Freeview box been aquired. I need to find a good reliable aerial installer round the MK area to put one in the loft and run the new cable down to the living room.

I can then chuck away the old Sky box, dish and maybe forget NTLs £2.99 a month feed (but it does include Sky1 for that price :) )

That should then I assume give me a decent signal for a plasma (and a much improved one for the TV at the moment)

As to sound I'm trying to comr up with a nice simple Pronto layout that utilises the hifi to handle the sound when we're watching TV anyway,

What is the street difference in price between the PW6 with say enough boards to handle 4 SVideo inputs (is it one input per board? and do the inputs auto switch when a signal is applied?) and the PA20?




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Just to add another thought in your head...

The replacement for the PA20, the pe30 is due on the 17th April (at AV-sales who have ordered 37 by the way).

This has a built in digital tuner and improved sonics (according to the specs...)

Pa20 = 2x8w speakers.
Pe30 = 2x13w speakers.

It's up for pre-order at 2 different places (avland & av-sales) at about £3.3 k at the mo.


I believe the PW6 can be got for around £2300 inc at the moment. If you don't need the tuner then the price diferential between this and a PA20/PA30 would go a long way towards any upgrade itches you have.

The PW6 has a small inbuilt amp. I have mine connected to a couple of small speakers for when the family don't want to fire up the AV system. I'm amazed how good the sound is - easily loud enough to fill my room which is about 25' by 15'. Sound quality is pretty good too considering. No obvious distortion at our listening levels.

I don't think you will find that the inputs can auto switch. I've not needed to try this as my amp can do the switching and I only have one board. I have the combined board which takes up two slots. There is certainly no auto switching between inputs (component and Svid) in this case. I think you might need to come up with another solution than filling every slot with a board. That will be expensive and I don't think it will give you the number of connections you need.

I hope you are lucky with your loft aerial. My father lives in an area where external aerials are not allowed. He tried the loft route but couldn't get a good enough signal for freeview.


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Originally posted by MAW
13 watts is still trivial, unless you are hanging it in a broom cupboard

It may be trivial, but is it loud enough for the wife and kids who are less fussier and just want noise?

Was there a sub on the pa20 by the way? I know you were unimpressed by the sound.

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