Panny PW6. S-Video via scart or S-Video board?


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Thinking of getting a 42PW6.
Currently my TV is fed an S-Video signal from the amp via scart.

Is the Scart board for the PW6 upto the job, or would I be better buying the S-Video board?
My amp (Denon A1SE) doesn't do Video upconversion, so I'm going to need S-Video and Component connections.

The thing is, AVSales are throwing in the scart board for free, and the component board is £60.
The combined S-Video / Component board is £180, so it makes financial sense to buy just the component board and use the Scart for S-Video..... but only if its up to the job!

Would the S-Video board provide better quality than S-Video by the scart board?


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Jules said:
Would the S-Video board provide better quality than S-Video by the scart board?

Whilst I have no issue with RGB signals - the S-Video and Composite signals through the Panasonic SCART board are BAD !!

See this post http://www.avforums.com/forums/showthread.php?t=162669 for the details.

The much esteemed people at AV-Sales dispute this !

But I have a PW7 with SCART board and let me tell you S-Video and Composite signals through this interface suck big time !

I don't know about the other Panasonic interface modules - but I WANT to have a SCART slot , a Component slot AND a free slot for Digital in the future.

So my options are fixed! (And NO I do not want to use a JS VGA to RGB Convertor)

It is sad that a company like Panasonic continues to produce what is a flawed design - surely they could have corrected it by now.

AV-Sales proudly claim ...

Scart Socket

Full European Specification Scart socket with auto widescreen switching and auto signal type detection (composite, s-video and RGB) TY-42TM6TC / TY-42TM6TB

Well they need to add a clarification -


I am getting a little tired of the adulation that Panasonic get on this board - yes their panels are OK and are affordable (PW6) BUT they DO have flaws and quirks which unfortunately you'll have to accept.

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suggest you get the dual slot board for Compnent and S-video and either sell the scart or ask the retailer if it is paossible to swap the boards
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