Panny PW6 - Black Sprayed Silver?


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Was in London and the guy in the shop reckons: "Panasonic are out of the Silver PW6 screens and are spraypainting the blacks PWD6 to Silver instead"! He showed me two (one spraypainted and one silver anyway and said, see it has a rougher edge than this one).

Anyone know if there is any truth in this?


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Not sure if this is true, but it's not uncommon for plastics to be painted to a certain colour. It allows you to get a better finish if you're after a particular colour. Might be simply that they have a slightly different finish.

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Sounds very fishy to me! I know a man who paints them, accredited by all the usual suspects, the job is very good. You can see though, cos he paints over the transfers, by the front buttons etc. You can have Zebra stripes like on the Big Breakfast if you like! But, it costs £85 + vat to do it, and PWD 6 is sufficiently cheaper at present for dealers to have a batch done, and make money by selling them as PW6B. It's easy to spot as I say. This isn't Visionary is it?

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Hello all

I doubt very much that Panasonic Consumer UK are re-spraying PWD6 Charcoal displays Silver - though I do know one of the big trade distributors in the UK has a quantity of PWD6 that have been re-sprayed Silver as there seems to be a shortage of PW6 at present.

Possibly the dealer you visited was not an actual (Shop at) Panasonic dealer and buys through a trade distributor.

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I have a friend who works for Shasonics in Tottenham court Rd and he said the same thing to me. He also said they've already had a couple of complaints, although I thought it was just their store doing it. Perhaps not. Was it another company that told you this.

Isn't the PWD6 supposed to be slightly superior anyway, in that it has a few service functions that are easily accesible. As long as they done a good paint job, I don't think I would mind.:) Especially if it was at the D6 price;) :D .

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Just a quick note of caution.

I do know there is one company who resprays bezels that Panasonic have checked out. I believe that Panasonic are happy to maintain their manufacturer's warranty for plasmas that have been handled by them. As there are a number of places now respraying bezels I would recommend that if a resprayed plasma is purchased you get a written confirmation from the retailer that the one years manufacturer's warranty is not affected in any way.

As Joe says it is extremely unlikely that Panasonic are respraying the bezels. It would surely be easier for them to just replace the bezel as we have done for clients on a couple of occaisions.

In terms of availability - we received stock of the PW6 at the back end of last week from Panasonic so I would have thought that stocks should still be available through your local Panasonic dealer.


It must be a cost influenced thing, there's a lot of very cheap PWD6 stock around at present, though I have PW6B stock too at present, they still cost more than a painted PWD. I assume we are talking about the guys in Cowley about the paint job, co. name escapes me. I recently had some done for a corporate job, very good, and warranty intact, but not on to pass it off as a Panasonic job. These were grey and yellow, so you know the paint is the least of the problems if you are offered them!

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