panny pw6 arrived today!! few questions


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I'm now the proud owner of a 42 inch panny pw6 which arrived today! - after all the set up, managed to get a DVD feed through it - but did notice some screen noise - which seemed to go away havijng set the NR function on - and turned down the brightness/ contrast and colour which were factory set far too high.

As I got the tuner box with the set - relayed a scart from the DVD to the AV1 connection...would i get a better pic with composite leads?

well chuffed you could add speakers at the rear - save me getting a full set up for a few weeks or so.

Unfortunately - as the old 32 incher CRT hasn't been sold - had to box the lot up till it gets sold!!! - to keep 'er indoors happy.

She did comment that the picture was a bit 'in your face' does it take a bit of time to adjust to the higher pic definition?


do you mean component leads?
should be better picture, but i not up to date on the tuner boxes..


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Yep - meant component - any brand of cable worth getting? - or are they all pretty much the same?


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I bought a component cable from Mark Grant (see power buy forum) and have had no problems. The cable certainly looks the part even in the box.


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Bypass the box and go component from player to screen.
I don't know how much you have to spend on cables but Chord are £100 for a set.
Not worth spending any more.
I haven't seen them in the box though.


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Originally posted by daveb975

Where is the NR function on the PW6 - I don't seem to have it on my PWD6.
Its only on the Tuner box adjustments !

Though using a tuner box you lose a lot of other adjustments including all the advanced settings.


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I hadn't relaised that. I was having a look at a PW6 in JL the other day and noticed that the OSD were in a different format to mine.

I assumed that this was a difference between the PW6 and the PWD6, but it is probably just down to the tuner box.


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Yeah one of the biggest ommisions when using the tuner box is that you can`t adjust the overscan :thumbsdow

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