Panny PT-AE500


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Does anyone know when this will be released? I am demo'ing a Sanyo Z2 next week, but have been advised that it may be worth waiting to make a final decision until I have had a look at this model.


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just bought one recently from for 1150 delivered: superb m/c well worth a demo... :)


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I am considering my options at the 'mo about which way to go. It's either the AE500 or the Z2. I want to project an image of about 7 or 8 feet, the distance from the screen is no issue as my living room is 8m in length. How noticeable is the chicken wire effect at these kinds of sizes?



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Theres two ways of looking at it.

I would first pick how far away you actually want to sit and then pick a screen size that matches that distance.

Theres no point making your screen bigger and then having to sit further away because of the side effects.

The two machines youve picked dont suffer from screen door anywhere near as much as the older models so it has become a bit of a none issue anyway.


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And another thing the bigger the screen the more brightness youll loose so its not allways a good idea to go beyond 7'.

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