Panny power cable extension?


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Feb 13, 2002
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I need a longer power cablw for my panny 37",looking at the cable it just looks like a kettle type lead,is this the case?has anyone got anyone got any idea of where to get one or is it a case of a mega expensive panny branded upgrade!

TIA marc.
u could take this as a good omen, lots of people say they dont make any differance , but i could see a differance when i bought a russ andrews yellow.

if not then it is a kettle lead

there are other makes , i`m not sure if someone on this forum makes them to sell, have a search,

russ andrews do a money back thingy if you not happy anyway.

let us know what u think. have a search aswell on forum as mine fits fine but someone said there`s never,
Hi James, congrats. on your 1000th post. In the 'cables and interconnects' forum there is a 'white paper' on cables that makes fascinating reading, well on a wet afternoon it does! Read here The point it makes really is that one piece of copper is much like another. It doesn't account for 1 or 2 things I've seen, but the most important thing when you have a great long kettle lead is to keep it away from your video cables. I often make up new power cables on site, and have found that most power problems are caused by sharing the ring main with an antisocial device like a thermostatic heater. Get a clean supply, and all will be well.

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