Panny Plasma or LCD - You tell me..!


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Hi guys,

As above, I am getting a new tv soon and will be entering the world of HDTV and want to know whether to get the new Panny 32" LCD or go for a 37" (preferred size) Plasma.

I understand you may be biased as were in Plasma territory here, but please be objective.

Any comments/opinions welcome :smashin:


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More info required!
Viewing distance?
Components being hooked up immediately and possibly soon?
Type of viewing most often done - sport, movies, gaming, PC/Mac hook-up for armchair surfing?


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Right then...

My viewing distance is 9.5feet so thinking of a 37".

At present, only watching SD via my PVR, lots of DVD's via component but will be getting a PS3 soon.

Have a budget of about £800-£900.


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You could push a 42", but SD might be a little less than ideal.
37 fits easily, but on seeing both the 37" Panny and 42", even the 42" looked small.
Can't comment on the SD of the 42" as it was running HD via Component, but the 37's SD via distributed co-ax Composite was VERY okay.
Either PX70 can be had at budget, so it's really up to you to decide which.
Go look at them in a local Currys or specialist and see if the 42" from 9-10ft works for you with SD or not.
If so, then you're laughing.

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