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Hello all! I need your help please!

I have finally decided to take the plunge and order the new Panny 37PE30. I was originally going to order the PWD6 but I love the styling of the PE30 and understand that there isn’t much technical difference between the two. Does anyone know any different?

Will be looking to wallmount the badboy and wanted to angle grind the wall and place the wires in there before redecorating. If I do this I want to make sure that I have got the right connections in there and that I won’t want to change them six months on!

The kit comprises:
Panasonic DMR-E50 DVD Rec
Yamaha RXV 640 Receiver
Sky + Box
Playstation 2

I had planned to route all of these signals into the Yammy, which would then produce the sound and then send the pic to the screen via an S-Video cable. But as I am quite new to all of this I thought I’d ask the experts (you) if you feel there is a better way to do it?

Sorry if this covers ground in old posts but each time i search for previous posts i get more confused! Open to all suggestions! (AV Related!)



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I would avoid s-video not the best quality

also can't comment on Play station 2 as I don't know about connectivity.

Also I assume that this dvd doesn't support component from memory.

I would have adviced on purchasing a js RGB2VGA Converter..... but believe that it's at the front on this particular screen.

best way would be to use RGB scart...

if the screen has 2 of these then dvd and sky box can go direct else you can purchase a JS Scart switcher.

Also you may want to consider a RGB 2 Component converter and do switching through the amp. This will be the best quality and allows switching through the amp

I would also route component cables through the wall incase you decide to upgrade your DVD player.


if you havent bought it yet check out the 'new panny' thread ;-) richer sounds are doing cracking price


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my pe30 came on tues all set up well impresed get it from john lewsis 5yr free waranty they will pricematch bang on tv i am running sky plus xbox and pioneer dvd


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I am taking delivery of my 37pe30 tomorrow and i have the same setup as you sky+ etc
what os teh PQ like ?


My 42Pe30 out of the box, crappy old cheapo scart cable from Sky+ box set to RGB output - picture is great.

At times you can see some things a bit 'iffy' for a very short while, blobs of pixellation but they go, some music videos ive noticed were a bit like that but its gone now... the box seems to get better with use or maybe me adjusting my contrast down from the factory setting of "full on baby" has something to do with it.

But then you'll see tomorrow!...

One bit of advice - if your'e wall mounting this box - put the scart leads etc in first, and if you're getting any thing in near future - plug the lead for that in too cos its a bugger to lift on /off the wall and the leads are NOT easy to reach without removing it...

it took 3 of us to lift it onto the wall mount!.


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Remember you will need to run RGB Scart from Sky+ to DVD RAM for recording purposes so it is probably going to be easier to run a simple daisy chain:

Sky+ --(RGB Scart)--> DVD RAM --(RGB Scart)--> Plasma Scart 1

PS2 can run normal scart up to the plasma, or you can optionally purchase an RGB scart lead for it for better quality. If it were me I would run component video to the plasma from the amp, upgrade the PS2 cable to component video to run into the amp leaving a spare input on the amp for any progressive scan DVD player you may buy in the future. The PS2 will connect to the amp using optical digital audio. (if you will want to use the plasma's speakers for PS2, or for a component video device in the future then you need to also run an audio cable into the thrid scart socket)

Don't forget to run audio from the plasma down to the amp for freeview in surround sound.



Liam @ Prog AV said:
Don't forget to run audio from the plasma down to the amp for freeview in surround sound.

I hadn't even thought about this. Is there a digital audio out on the PE30?


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Sorry to hijack the thread :oops:

I must say you were right my 37 pe30 turned up about an hour ago from JL and man what a picture all i have done is turn the brightness and contrast down and beside that i have not touched anythgin else and it has blown me away and i am running a nasty £2.99 free out of the box scart lead i can t wait to get it all onto component

I am converted this is my 2nd plasma my 1st was the Hitachi 42pd3000 i had it for 2 days got several migrains from the motion blur,solarisation and general S**te picture i sent it back.

i vowed i would never own another plasma man am i going to have to eat my words this panny is the mutts. :smashin:

you said you have go it wall mounted did you use the vogel bracket as that what i ordered but i dont like the look of it 2 large screws to hold it on the wall :confused:

also what type of wall did you fit it to brick block or stud as mine is breeze block


I used the vogel. EFw2001.

It is 3 large 'screws' into a brick wall with the provided raw-plugs. Its solid as a rock.
they guarantee it up to 70kg, the panny is 41kg (!).

before you put it up - if you're gonna want any scart cables or components plugged in then plug em in first - cos its not easy (impossible) to add/remove cables once its on the wall and it's a 2-3 man lift jobby to remove it again (as Im finding out).
so even if you wont use Scart2/3 today, or next week, but maybe this year then plug in a cable and 'tidy' it up round behind the screen !.

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