Panny PHD8 and Blu-ray?


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Hi all, head about to explode with all I've been trying to take in on the forum over past few days. Been a while since I've paid close attention to latest AV developments and had forgotten how quickly this world moves. But thankfully we have you kind folks here to guide novices like myself through the maze:thumbsup:

Ok, here it goes:

thinking of dipping my toes into the world of Blu-ray. But dont have the appetite (and especially not the the cash) to make large-scale changes to my set up. In particular, I dont want to change my plasma; a 42" Panny PHD8, sourced from and calibrated by Piers (top service, top bloke:smashin:). Also dont want to change the Amp which does a super job working with the 868 player on SACD with iLink (excellent quality, one cable, less wiring, happier co-existance with missus). The downside with the amp is, though, that it doesnt cope with the new HD audio codecs.

So my thinking has been to maybe get the Sony S550, which does the HD audio processing internally, and feed that through to the amp via the multi-channel analogs. so high def audio sorted (I think:)).

That just (!) leaves the video. I realise that the PHD8 is not a full HD panel. However, is it possible to make changes to the settings on the movie disks themsevles and/or the player to output a resolution that will feed nicely into the PHD8 panel through HDMI??

I say 'nicely', as in without the judder effect that has been mentioned elsewhere. Having read other threads, I am not clear if this is caused by trying to force some higher resolution (1080p 24) into the panel, rather than maybe accepting and choosing to send lower res signals i.e. 720p or 1080i from the disk/player (this is where my knowledge base dribbles away into mush:confused:).

My strong preference would be to connect the S550 to the panel via HDMI (rather than VGA, say). Doing it that way, I could just use the existing HDMI board which is presently used for the 868 player and then put the 868 through the amp via component instead (would mean dropping one of other sources - prob ps2 - but I can live with that).

Any thoughts / suggestions would be great, cheers fellas

Edit to add set-up:

Panasonic PHD8 (with 2 x HDMI blades and VGA input, all calibrated by Piers), Pioneer VSX-2104i, Pioneer DV-868AVi (direct to panel via HDMI), Sky HD (direct to panel via HDMI), PS2, Samsung DVD-R120 (PS2 & DVDR to panel VGA though component via amp), Harmony 885, Kef KHT 2005.2, Sonos
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