Panny PD30 and RBG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Just bought one of these 32" sets , everything is very good, picture quality via component is simply fantastic.

But surprise surprise the RBG is crap. turn up the brightness and there is massive interference with two lines down the screen.

I could not believe it, surely Panasonic should have sorted the problem out by now.

Why does RGB seem to cause so many problems.

Anyway, I will sort out an exchange and hope for the best with number 2.

Has anyone out there got a PD30 with perfect RGB !!!!!!.


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My PD30 arrived on Saturday. Whilst using the Video Essentials DVD, it became clear (sic) that the picture quality was terrible with lots of interference (?) lines. I switched to svideo and this improved things. I have tried using different scart but with no luck. RGB looks out of focus.

Watching Freeview is not impressive and DVD PQ is not much better than Freeview.

This set was bought to replace several 28DT4's which were half the price and in some respects had a far better picture quality.

I am hoping my PD30 is simply a very poor example of what £1300 should give you.
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