Panny PA20 vs PW6


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Ok, so whats the difference in picture quality, reliability, cost etc.
I already know about the input boards on the PW6 (which seem to be a pain).


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WOW that was so quick, yet yet so unhelpful.
It would have taken you just as long to say something useful rather than pass judgement. OK I will search again.


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Hmmm..."sacd" aren't you the chap that said plasma's are "style over substance"??? Bit of a U turn nowlooking at PA20's and PW6's!!! :devil:

The PA20 is basically the same glass as the PW6, just surrounded witha different case with built in speakers and tuner.

If you want a TV feel plasma with everything built in, go for the PA20.

If you want a monitor for home cinema, go for the PW6.

In terms of reliability, they should be pretty much the same. I think the powerdown issues reported on the forum by some members affects both models.

If you think the input board on the PW6 are a pain then I would guess you would be better off with the PA20. IMHO the PW6 will offer the optimum picture perfroemcen becuase you can choose exactly the terminal you require in order to get the best out of the screen and also bypass the tuner section...

In this case I think it is a matter or "convenience over performance"



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I am eating humble pie....i am not worthy...i am not worthy.
My 32'' CRT is failing fast, and since we are moving in a few months time my wife has agreed that we need another screen. She likes the idea of plasmas so I'm a happy man.
Thank you for the information though.
I really need the connectivity and the speakers so it looks as though the PA20 is my best bet. RS seems to have the best price but I will look around.
The new model will be out soon, and it doesn't look to be too different so perhaps I can pick up a bargain.


New model not different? It looks totally different, and contains a digital tuner, how different do you want it to be? The only common components are probably the glass and the power supply.


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Ok..........Look, a lot can happen in 6 months. Prices can fall....I can win the lottery.....but in all honesty I doubt if I can afford anything over 2700 ish, and even that is pushing it. So the new model is probably out.
Sorry about the comparison, I just looked at the specs on the av-land website. They just looked similar that's all. I would still love high def (alis screen) but from what I can see, the panasonic look better.
I tried to have a play with both screens at my local RS but they couldn't find any of the remotes. Great eh. I'm going back there today to have another look, I'm also going to call in Hitchins in Cardiff. Not to see a Horny-dragon (I don't go in for that sort of thing) but to see some plasmas properly set up.
Wish me luck!

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