Panny NV-VHD 1 problems

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by sparks, Oct 12, 2003.

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    Approx 5 months ago my NV-VHD1 displayed F498 in the DVD window. From info gained via the members of these forums I had to take it to a Panny dealer to be repaired as no remote/handset fix was possible. Although the player is still under warranty the dealer (repairer) wanted £30 to repair it as it was not bought from them. On return the fault (F498) had been rectified but the VHS slot flap was jammed, not allowing a tape to be inserted. Back to the dealers for a second time for them to rectify their mistake. Three days later machine returned, everything OK, until last week when F498 reappeared again. I rang the repairer who said( yes you've guessed it) that another £30 would have to be paid as they only give a 3 month repair warranty. I find this totally unacceptable considering that the condition of the player, on its return from the first repair, was not 100%. In Septembers issue of one of the leading AV magazines there was a letter from a reader with the exact same fault. The reply stated that Panasonic had changed their method of soldering and this was proberbly the cause. Have any of you knowledgeable readers of this forum had any similar problems and if so how was it resolved. At this time the player is only 9 months old!!!

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