Panny LCD panel turned blue


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My brother got a nice, new Sony 55" TeeVee so he gave his old Panny 50" LCD to our pops. I called in tonight to set it up and it was blue. I'm not talking a bit of a tint. The whole screen looked like it was wrapped in blue film.

Any suggestions regarding what the heck is going on would be greatly appreciated.



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If the whole screen is blue with no other equipment connected and just showing the TV's setup menu that suggests a panel (or connections to it) fault.
Maybe it got damaged in the move.


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Thanks. The setup menu is blue as well. Trying to get sense out of my brother but it is difficult "The text has always been blue". Even the black background has a blue tint to it. Many thanks for the reply.


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need new backlights it might cost about £250 for the job if can find someone.

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