Panny HS2 & stuck disc... help!!!


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Earlier tonight I put a (nasty) DVD-R into my HS2... the machine has been trying to "Read" the disc without success - after almost 20 mins I resorted to disconnecting the power supply since none of the buttons were responding...

... on re-power, the unit states "Recover" and again, goes into trying to rad the disc again... and so on...

So I am in a position where I am unable to remove the disc, and the HS2 won't respond to opening the tray, nor power off whilst trying to read... anyone know how to terminate the disc read, and eject the disc???



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Originally posted by Rasczak
Hold down the standby button for at least 15 secs and then try the eject button.

Thanks, Rasczak - did a search shortly after and found you'd posted this already... did the trick after a few attempts! Thought the machine was knacked for a bit tho... :eek:

Is it common for the HS2 to hang like this if it dislikes a disc?

I have several old, old, Bulkpaq (of which this was one) which were fine on my Pio 444, but don't think I want to risk regular occurances of HS2 Recovery and forced shut-downs!


It's happened to me a couple of times. Worst case I had to open the box up and follow instructions I found on (there's a HS2 user forum there).


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Is it common for the HS2 to hang like this if it dislikes a disc?
Yes - the HS2 checks both the HDD and the DVD drive before 'booting' and if either is working properly it won't start! I don't know who thought that one up :rolleyes:

Not a week goes by when I don't tell someone this method of ejecting a damn disk! It's never actually happened to me though (yet)!

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Freaky, this happened to me for the first time last week.:eek: I powered down and up again and got the recover dialogue, I just left the machine for a few minutes and was then able to eject the offending DVD-R - which is now sitting happily in it's new home under a mug of tea!

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