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    I am a confused newbie.

    Situation: Just got the super panasonic HS2 recorder. I want to be able to record off the TV and the freeview box. Also I want to put my old VHS tapes on to the hard drive of the recorder and then burn on DVD-R. At present when I record off freeview I get a blank screen, but I do get sound. Also want to play sound through hifi speakers via my av amp. I have so many scart cables, phonos, opticals and I am going round the bend.

    Equipment: Panasonic Hs2 dvd RECORDER. Has optical Digital output and 2 scart AV1 and AV2. TV Loewe Planus: scart 1 (RGB) scart 2. Panasonic VCR: 2 scarts. Freeview Box Nokia mediamaster 221t: 2 Scarts with phono and Nakamichi AV10 amp, which has optical, co ax, phonos etc. No scarts.

    will be changing the tv to Hitachi Plasma. Also have 3 way scart switch box.

    can anyone please help
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    There are other ways, but IMO the easiest way to get sound from all analogue a/v sources into your av-amp is to run a pair of phonos from your tv's audio output sockets (assuming it has them) to an input on your amp that has (phonos, co-ax and optical inputs). This way, sound from live tv and any of the scarts gets routed to the amp without doing any switching at the amp.

    Now the Nokia 221T doesn't do RGB passthrough, but the Hs2 does, so connect the tv scart from the 221T to AV2 of the Hs2 and AV1 of the HS2 to Scart 1 of your tv (the RGB one). This means you can record RGB from the Nokia and watch RGB from the Nokia when the HS2 is set to channel AV2 or is in standby mode.

    One issue now is that if you're recording terrestial tv with the HS2 you can't view freeview. To get around this you can simply plug the VCR scart of the Nokia into Scart2 of your tv and switch to AV2 on your tv when the HS2 is on and not set to channel AV2.
    This will be composite only, not RGB.

    You're now left with the VCR. Connect this to AV4 on the HS2 using L/R/composite, or L/R/svideo if your vcr is shvs. If your VCR doesn't have individual audio/video out phonos, use an appropriate scart cable or break-out audio and composite using your switch box. You won't have anything connected to the VCR's second scart. You will be able to record on the HS2 from the VCR and watch tapes by setting the HS2 to AV4.

    Now, for DD and DTS from the HS2 you need to connect an optical digital cable to your amp. You might want to use a different input than the one the tv is connected to because the optical input will override the phono one when you're recording from the HS2, and you'll only get sound from the HS2 when you change channels on your tv.

    If you want to use the digital out of the 221T (I don't see the point, as it sounds worse imho) connect it with a 75 ohm phono.

    Setup HS2 for RGB on both AV1 and AV2.

    In summary:

    Nokia TV out -----> HS2 AV2
    HS2 AV1 ------> Loewe AV1 (RGB)
    Nokia VCR out -----> Loewe AV2 (composite)
    VCR tv out ------> HS2 AV4 using appropriate cables
    TV audio out ------> Amp
    HS2 optical -------> Amp

    Nokia co-ax --------> Amp (no need to connect 221ts phonos as this is carried through tv outs)

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