Panny HD6 to a Pio 2011 Receiver ?


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As you can see I have both these devices, but I have a bit of a dilema.At the moment I have the Receiver doing the video switching for me (in component), so I have a component to VGA cable going to my plasma.The problem is according to the 2011 manual I can only view the setup menu's via either a composite or s-video out from the Receiver.The next part of the problem is I only have the VGA and (I think) RS232 sockets on my plasma to plug into as I have no additional cards.
I hope someone can point me in the right direction of either a work round for this problem , or in the direction of a Very Cheap card that I can use just for the set-up screens.Unfortunatley I don't have a small telly to put next to it, just to do the screen navigation either.
Thanks for any advice you can give me.


P.S Mods, I have put this in the Plasma and LCD Diplays section as well, cause its a combination of both.I hope this is OK.


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Are you sure the PD6 doesnt have a composite connection ? When i had the same issue on a previous setup, i just ran a monitor out composite cable to the plasma.

If panny have removed all this circuitry, that really skimping...... failing that, if you have no other sockets im afriad you are in trouble... unless you get a better reciever that can put menus overlaid on the component.... but these tend to be high end....e.g. my FMJ AV8 does it



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This may not be practical, however I have got a small 5" portable TV I use in my car with a portable VCR. They are only about £100 and have a composite input and a little stand. You could mount it next to the 2011 for the configuration menu's.

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