Panny E95 or EH50?

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    I am looking to get a DVD recorder to pair up with Sky+. The main uses will be:
    (1) Converting RGB from Sky+ to component. (The RGB input on my Panny 36PD30 TV has many problems - which do not exist via component.)
    (2) Archiving from Sky+
    (3) Recording from DV camcorder.
    (4) Watching pre-recorded DVDs

    I have around £300 to spend so can afford either the Panny E95 and new EH50 which are both around £325.

    The E95 has a larger HDD (160Gb) and more importantly for me DV-in.
    The EH50 has better quality recording and playback and looks less ugly.
    Given that I doubt I will record in anything less than SP mode will I notice a difference in quality between the two?
    (The EH50's faster startup, DVD-RW and full resolution LP are not very improtant to me.)

    Is there a noticeable drop in quality when recording from a camcorder via S-video on the EH50 compared to the DVin of the E95?

    Are the editing options on the EH50 different to those on the E95?

    What would people here recommend?

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