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Panny E95 Jpeg To Dvd-r ??

Discussion in 'Blu-ray & DVD Players & Recorders' started by BENSONDOG, Dec 18, 2004.



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    A fairly new user, but confused !!

    I have a Panny E95 but am a bit confused about two points.

    1. When I try to copy JPEG to DVD-R I get an error "insert a valid disk to destination drive". JPEG copies ok to DVD-RAM but not to DVD-R. Should DVD-R be ok for JPEG.

    2. I`ve recently moved the Panny from another room where it was connected ok and I was able to copy from VCR to HDD. However now that I`ve moved it it won`t copy. I`ve checked all the scarts, settings etc. at least three times. All I seem to get is just a black screen.

    Both VCRs are Sony so don`t think that it`s a compatability problem, but I`ve run out of ideas and am tearing my hair out now !!
    Thanks for any assistance.

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