Panny E85 - powers off


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Not sure if this has been covered before, but my E85 has developed a fault.

When i press ethier DVD or HD button, sometimes the unit just powers off and comes back on in about 5-10 mins :mad:

Its not the remote batteries before you ask.

It passes the self check.

Could it be whatever controls the switching between the HD and DVD.

Anyone know of this problem? it frustrating. Its out of warranty.

thanks in advance

Gary Best

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Mine was doing that - does it "self check" a number of times before turning on as well?

Replaced the hard drive in mine a few weeks ago, and it's as good as new now.


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ben223 said:
Join the club. Look here !!

cheers i have a read later, alot to read!. But i think i upgrade soon if it too expensive to fix, and get another one with a bigger hd (and get a third party extd warranty), and i'll try to burn to dvd before i get to many programes on it, like now.

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