Panny E55 and 16:9


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I have just been reading through the manual for the panny E55 (online..) and came accross this statement on DVD -R discs:

"The video is recorded in a 4:3 aspect irrespective of the video
signal input. Use the television’s screen modes to change the
screen size for play."

So my question is this, if I record from say my camcorder which is in widescreen, what do I get when copied onto DVD -R? Does it do a pan and scan effectively or just cropped???

What would I see? :confused:



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anamorphic widescreen, be it from dvd, digital tv or your camcorder, is all stored in a 4:3 format. but the picture is squeezed horizontally so when it is displayed on your widescreen tv it is stretched out to make it look right. if you watch ananamorphic picture on a 4:3 tv, or in 4:3 mode on your widescreen tv, you will see tall thin people.
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