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Dec 12, 2003
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My month old E50 seems to have developed a fault that prevents it recording to either DVD-RAM or DVD-R.

It recorded onto the supplied DVD-RAM a couple of time with no problems, and continues to play DVDs fine. Now, however, the recorder will read in DVD-RAMs and blank (Ritek G03) DVD-R media OK, but as soon as a recording is intiated, the system fails to record and reboots into Recover mode with the incredibly helpful "An error occured" message. After another reboot, the "Check the disc" message displays. There is nothing wrong with any of the discs, since my PC reads and writes to them fine.

Anyone else experienced this failure?
Have you tried other media i.e. branded discs like the Panasonic type just to see.
Yeah, I've tried Panasonic, Ritek and Datawrite branded - all work fine in the PC, read OK in the E50, but all fail when I try to record.
Some media will work fine in other recorders and not the Panasonic. Try Prodisc or Mirrors, Datawrite didn't work for me either.
You should have no problem recording onto Panasonic Media.

If this is the case, you would indeed appear to have a fault... (a rare occurance by all accounts, if that makes you happy (to get a replacement) or annoyed (that you were unlucky enough to get a dodgy unit).

Got the same problem m8, same error occurs when I use ritek 03 disks. Found it to work afer 3 or 4 tries using the same disk. Anyone else got this problem?
If your E50 is not recording to RAM discs then I would say it is now faulty. However using the nightmare Ritek dye discs almost anything can happen and they might well have screwed up your machine in some way. Take my advice after bitter lessons myself. When it comes to Panny set tops leave Ritek where they belong, in the stores that supply them. They may well be ok in a computer but in some Panny mashines they most certainly are nothing short of a nightmare.

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