Panny E50 Archiving Problems ?


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Mar 3, 2003
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When setting the Recorder and the vhs on the AV2 for recording,what ever picture was last on the screen stays there a few seconds then slowly breaks up to a smeary coloured screen,Any ideas ?
Even if I select AV 2 first the black screen is multicoloured in seconds,like an NTSC bleed or something like it.
I'm confused by what you're seeing? If you have a video in AV2 and you select that, the picture will be the input from the video (in my case, it's a blue screen).
That sounds like a feedback loop; I get that when the HS2 is trying to record from the VCR, and the VCR tape has stopped, with the VCR channel set to the HS2 line input. You get a frozen smudged picture that fades away.

Swicth the VCR input to one of the tuner channels rather than one of the line inputs...
My VCR is set to a tuner channels as well, but without the aerial in it's just a blue screen. Good luck Jackall.

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