Panny E30 or HS-2? Newbie questions



Hello everyone!
I've just read some reviews about these new dvd recorders by Panasonic and I'm impressed with the features these items
seem to have.
The difference in price between the E-30 and the HS-2 is a lot so I'm pondering which one of the two to get for my needs.

I need to use the dvd recorder mainly to transfer videos from
my old videotapes (I hate them) to dvd's! I was wondering how the copy process is actually done when using a dvd-r.
If I start copying something from a videotape, do I necessarily have to copy the whole content or the copying process is like "multisession"?
Can I stop the copy, then copy something else later, delete a part which I don't want once it's on dvd-r? Is it possible to do all this on the E-30 with the direct copy on dvd-r instead of on hd and then on dvd-r like it would be on the HS-2?
Also, I've read that I can't set chapters the way I want but they're automatically set in times of 5-6 minutes each. Is that true? How to find a particular moment of my video then?
How long does it take to the dvd recorder to finalize the disc once it's recorded?

Sorry for all the questions and thanks in advance for any help on this matter!


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