Panny E100H dubbing quality problems

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    I've had my E100H for just over a year now, and only just cottened on to the special set-up requirements for quality recording and dubbing...doh!

    Here's my scenario:

    1) I have quite a few football matches on my HDD that I want to dub to DVD-R and keep as a collection.

    2) They were recorded with the Hybrid VBR Resolution on "Automatic".

    3) The Hi-Speed recording mode was off also.

    4) They were recorded from a digital source (Pay TV) in SP mode.

    5) Their quality at playback off the HDD is fine (basically same as original broadcast), however when dubbed to DVD-R (again in SP mode) the quality drops quite dramatically on playback of the disc. They appear very pixilated during fast movement, and the general picture sharpness and clarity are somewhat lost.

    Q1) Please confirm this wouldn't happen if I had the above settings correct and dubbed in Hi-Speed instead of SP...

    Q2) ...also, is there ANYWAY of recovering the games I already have on my HDD onto DVD-R without them looking so bad?

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