Panny DMR EX75's Digital Tuner - no signal ???


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I've recently purchased this DVD/HDD recorder following the advice posted on these boards (great stuff :thumbsup:). I use the digital tuner to watch freeview through my 6-yr old analogue TV.

After 2 weeks of good signal strength, I had a blank screen when the unit was turned on and the digital tuner displayed "no signal" . Re-running auto-set-up did not re-acquire channels. Only when I unplugged the unit from mains for half and hour then set it up again, did I reacquire the freeview channels. Another two weeks passes, same issue, except this time I cannot even reacquire freeview after a "cold-start".

The analogue tuner works fine, both in the Panny and the old TV. If I disconnect the aerial / RF chord from the wall socket, the picture blurs, so I think the rooftop antenna is doing its job, and I live in Zone 2 London, so coverage should not be an issue.

Is there any reason why the unit would just "drop" the freeview signal? :lease: I have not changed any of the DVB settings from default, but should I ? Is it simply that the DVB tuner is faulty and I should return the unit ? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks !


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Sounds like a faulty digital tuner. Try contacting Panasonic.
You might also want to try the unit at a neighbour's place just to rule out your aerial.
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