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hi all, i am on verge of buying my first plasma, w4 or w5, but my girlfriend is concerned about what we was told in one of the demo shops we went in. He said that you do need the tuner box if you want to connect more than one device to the screen.
I've tried to explain the set up to her after reading all the threads from you all on this forum, so can you please confirm that if i do the set up below i will not need the tuner.

1-dvd connected via component cable to component inputs.

2-sky connected from rgb scart to vga connverter to vga input.

2-xbox conected via s-video lead to s-video input.

all audio via yamaha amp.

Will this set up work ok with no problems.

thanx in advance,



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Yes that will work, provided they include the RCA (or BNC) terminal board with the Plasma (they should do). I have Sky hooked up to the VGA input via JS Box, DVD hooked up via Component and my Laserdisc hooked up via S-video.

You need to make sure your dealer is supplying you with the terminal board because without it you'll only have a VGA input.

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yes, you've got everything sorted! Even if you dealer doesn't supply the terminal board, you can still use a RGB to Plasma VGA unit. However, I do recommend getting one as this is where component and S-Video would go.

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

Interesting all the combinations you can have. I agree with Dr Sim in that for greatest flexibility, the BNC connection board is a must. I have just got a 5 series 42 inch.

I use an AV amp with 5 selected S-VHS and 3 audio inputs to 2 outputs; S-VHS monitor out (to plasma S-VHS input) and S-VHS VCR Record Out.

2 of the S-VHS AV amp inputs are Sky+ and DVD. The DVD RGB SCART output is automatically switched (when DVD is on) through to the Sky+ SCART RGB output which is taken to plasma RGB input. To use the RGB, the plasma Component/RGB is selected to RGB and the sync source set to Video (includes the S-VHS plasma input).

The result is that any S-VHS selected AV amp input can be displayed with plasma S-VHS plus RGB on either the Sky+ or DVD with plasma RGB and to provide sync. You have to make the appropriate selection on the AV amp but would do this anyway for the sound.

Great results are obtained on S-VHS but superb ones on RGB. I do have one non S-VHS AV input which I run through the VCR which can also provide analogue terrestrial channels.

Hope the information is useful.

jorgen poulsen

On the brochure for my Th-42PWD5UY there are a bunch of terminals. On is called component/RGB input and 5 plugs are shown (VD, HD, R, G & B). Now my questions:
- when people say component which of the 5 plugs do they mean?
- when people say RGB which of the 5 plugs do they mean?



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Even I get confused when talking about component video!

The five terminals on your screen are marked R, G, B, HD, VD. This is for the red, green, blue, horizontal sync and vertical sync respectively. But it's also a dual input with component video.

Component video has a variety of markings. YUV, YPrPb, YCrCb are all the same. And we call it component. Y is a black and white picture, U and V provide colour information.

When you use component input on the screen, you don't need to use the HD and VD inputs. So only three of the five connectors are used.

Hope this helps!

All the best,

Dr John Sim.

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