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Panny confusion



I have the whole guppins of 5:1 etc and my trusty sony VCR has given up the ghost after 8 years. Have studied all the reviews of VCRs & 'amazed at what they can do these days'. It seems the Panny's are 'in' but 1. Can't find any mention in the forum of the HS860 2. Been to all the usual outlets - Comet/Alders/Dixons etc, but nobody stocks it (or the HS825B)
Can anyone give me information about these 2, or if they know of a better one please tell.


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Look on www.pricerunner.co.uk for the best deal on these. they are still currnt models. Currys and co no longer bother with VCR and have assumed that noone is interested in hispec vcrs so dont stock them

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