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Oct 11, 2000
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Well, it looks like after a long debate with myself and words of encouragement here, I've decided to take the plunge and get a Panny W6.

I have one final question though.
Some retailers advertise an all- in-one 'complete' connection board for component, s-video and Scart.
Others sell seperate boards for each.

Is there any disadvantage to this 'complete' board?
Bearing in mind I need SCART, S-Video and Component inputs it seems to be the cheapest option.
I don't won't inferior quality or operational inconveniences.
There`s not a single board that does Scart, Component and S/Video ?

You can have a double board which does Component, S/Video and Composite and then a second board for Scart !
Ok, but the same question remains.

Are there any disadvantages using this compared with seperate component and svideo/composite boards?
No disadvantage, just separate for those who only have one slot left.

The dual slot board is great as it gives you option for composite or svideo later if you add a camcorder etc - I personally use svideo when I need to configure the onscreen setup of my amp...

P.S. Be aware that any of the composite/svideo boards (inc the dual slot one) only allow one active composite/svid connection at any one time and svideo will always overide composite.

You WILL love's a great screen :smashin:

Check out the "get your plasmas out..." thread for some nice screen shots :)


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