Panny bdt110 vs a ps3 (advice required)


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I am some advice. I have a Panasonic pt460 surround which has issues transferring dts signals via optical. When I select the below option on PS3 it decodes the signal and I get 5:1 surround:

- Bitstream Mix, is for systems that don't normally accept DTS over optical, like Panasonic's systems.
It passes everything out as a DD5.1 soundtrack.

However on my new Panasonic 3d blu ray bdt110 player I can't get the settings to replicate the ps3 and not all the sound is coming out, I even have issues transferring a 5:1 Dolby off a DVD, I have to change the amplifier to pro logic movie which I haven't had to do previously on PS3

Any ideas?


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If your surround sound is not dts compatible the best you will get from your panny 110 is stereo sound with dts discs.


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I don't think it does, though the ps3 has more processing power than a bluray player so most things are possible.
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