panny ax100--no input detected on hdmi

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can anyone help me out on this please ---when i'm connecting my onkyo 674 to my hdmi input i'm not getting a picture--the inputs flash as thou its not detecting
any signal---i have had this working-currently 14hrs on pj
but its now stopped for some unknown reason--someone please help i want to watch my planet earth hd-dvd next week-thanks
has there been any known issues with this set-up or hdmi connection probs with the ax100


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My machine (AX100 connetcted to Denon 2807) has ~100 hours there have been a couple of time when there seems to have been a communication problem - which manifested itself as a completely blank (i.e. black) or completely orange screen. The usual, switch everything off, and switch back on again sorted everything - but I assume that you have already tried this.

Sorry I can't be any more helpful.



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Hi there, I'm just starting to have this problem with my AX100 with about 370hrs on the bulb. It's been working fine for the last 2 years in combination with my Sony STR-DA3200ES amp but last night watching Lost in HD the screen went blue (the usual input select screen with the HDMI input flashing). Turning the amp on and off sorted the problem but it did it again about 10 mins later and once again about an hour after that.

I'm pretty sure it's a projector prob rather than the amp as it never occurs when using my Sony LCD TV. Anyone have any ideas what the problem might be?


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Could be I missed something in your post - if so, sorry. I had my 900U all plugged up with HDMI and after a few hours the source HDMI led started blinking saying there was no HDMI "handshake" and PJ screen went blue. I tried turning machines on and off several times and re-seated cable into inputs but no HDMI sync.

At first I though - Oh Lordy - PJ failure or source failure but I moved the source next to the PJ and used my much shorter spare HDMI cable and everything worked fine so, sure enough, my cheap bought online 30 ft HDMI cable had failed after only a few hours. It hadn't been touched or wiggled or anything - it just quit.

So I have to ask if you have tried using a different HDMI cable.
Best of Luck


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It's possible I suppose, but I find it a little odd that's it's been working fine for the last 2 years and then suddenly just failed. The cable is never stressed or moved etc.

I was wondering id this might have been some kind of bandwidth problem with Sky HD on Sunday eve?

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