Panny and BNC, RCA?



What are BNC and RCA? Which is better? What does the Panny come with as standard?

Is £3125 for this TH-42PWD4 a good deal, or should I go for a 5 series?
The PW4 consumer version (silver) ships with the RCA (phono) board, while I think the commercial (grey) PW4 ships with the BNC.

BNC is deemed a more 'professional' connection, but you'd probably be pushed to tell the difference between them. I have the consumer one (RCA) and it looks pretty damn fine to me.
BNC is a purpose designed 75 ohm connector for video (and digital) signals. It is cheap, well designed and work REALLY well. RCA is a connector designed for a completely different job. It doesn’t work as well (for anything) and is generally more expensive but is widely used in the domestic arena. Yes you can tell the difference between the two, quite easily and this difference becomes more marked with high bandwidth signals (computers, PS DVD players, scalers etc) but IS visible with ordinary interlaced signals. Professionals will ALWAYS use BNCs.

I just ordered the same machine from and I carried out alot of research and found that to be a VERY good price. I can also recommend using with complete confidence, I took delivery on Monday as promised and they are really helpful and informative. They also ship the plasma's extremely well on pallets and packed really safely. I dealt with a chap called Andrew and found him very helpful indeed.

I will be putting up the wall bracket this weekend and having it all hooked up.
tman and The Beekeeper thanks for the info on RCA/BNC.

pauld, I'm very tempted to go ahead with the purchase. I don't need it until January when my house is finished, so should I go for the '4' model or wait a bit for a '5' model? aarrggghh too many options:confused:

Well, it's up to you, but as far as I am aware there is no performance difference between the '4' and '5' models. I looked at waiting and if you really must have the lastest model then av-sales are doing it for £2787.00 + VAT. But I decided to go for the TH-42PWD4 and use the money saved for cabling and wall bracket.

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