Panny ae100 and komplett


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Anyone got one from komplett?
I was just wondering if the ones they sell need any special cables or whatever to use in UK??

May sound stoopid .Q but I dont wanna buy it to find I cant play it.

Also looking at the Grandview 92" pulldown screen from direkt2u, would this be a good combination.

Lastly best place for a proV.

Lastly for surely
For those who seen Z1, is it worth the extra bucks......



Got mine the next day following order. Not bad from Norway!

Comes with a 2 pin power lead and 3 pin UK power lead.

All systems go.

I've gone for the 80" pulldown from the same place, It was supposed to arrive today and didn't. I'll need to chase them tomorrow.

AV-sales appear to be the best place for the proV

richard plumb

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92" and 80" out of stock until the end of this week at direkt2u. Mr Stewart was very helpful though.

I ended up getting an 80" from av-sales for more money because I wanted it set up this weekend and I'm an impatient sod.
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