Panny 7 series - Any news pls?


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Just wondering if there is any news on the 7 series Panasonics....
When do Panasonic normally 'refresh' the line up.??
I have seen the 42PA30 is due soon, bit it seems to offer nothing new over the outgoing PA20 connectivity wise.
I ask, as i do not want to buy a 42pw6 now, IF the 7 will be released in the next few months!!



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I am currently on business in Sweden, and went to the local Panasonic Technics Centre in Stockholm to have a look at the 42PW6 & 50PHW6. Both Display models were turned off, and marked sold (the 50 was a 5 series), and the salesman told me he was expecting news of the 7 series within the next month or so, and hoped to have some in store before the end of April. He suggested I hang off until that time.

He had no idea as to what to expect as far as changes or updates were concerned.

Can I ask where you got the information on the PA30?

Hope this helps.

Sprout Crumble

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I don't think the 30 is using 7 series glass. Its just a refresh of the 20 with new range styling I believe.
I wouldn't expect 7-series monitors for another five to eight months.


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I asked the same question in a panasonic shop today and the salesman said around August-September...


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amazing... a 7 series already! they must start working on the next series before the previous is even out!!!

Its a wicked world we live in!!!!!!!!!


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I've been watching the market for the last few years before I finally bought this year, and Panasonic have been launching AV products including DVD-recorders in April. Their last 2 plasmas were released in July, with sensible supplies not appearing until September at the earliest.
Also beware, I did'nt buy the series-4 because the series-5 was coming out soon, waited 4 months for it only to see that in some respects it was not as good as the series-4. It was then too late to find any stock of the series-4.
I ended up waiting for the series-6, nearly 1 1/2 years later !


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Timmy as far as I can see the pa20 and pa30 look completely different. In America they have the pa20 and px20 which is the 1024x768 res version. The pa30 looks like the px20 styling (viera range) with the speaker underneath. Personally I prefer the styling of the pa20.
As to what the difference is between the 20 & 30, who knows. Its more likely to be using 7 series glass. I'm sure the usual experts will chime in with more info/corrections. Perhaps a bit soon but does anyone know if the PC input is gonna be on the back this time round?


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Originally posted by Timmy B
No you are wrong.

I have had both the vha20, the vha30 and the panny 6.

The Fujitsu pvha20 was a panny 5 series, the pvha30 is a 6 series panny, or if you want to believe Fujitsu, a 7th series (which I suppose is true, as Panasonic have probably revised the 6th series glass since its release).

New range styling?! They are EXACTLY the same cosmetically.

Thats great but he`s talking about Panasonic PA20 and PA30 not Fujitsu :confused:


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I believe that Panasonic showed new plasmas with HDMI at CES:

TH-37PX25P/U, TH-42PX25P/U, TH-50PX25U/P, TH-37PD25U/P, TH-42PD25U/P

I don't know if it has anything to do with 7th series, though...

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Hello all

HOT of the Press as they say - and this is all I have for now! no finalised specs for a while yet.

Panasonic D7 launch schedule is as follows::-

37" SD Sept 04 (Yes it's back...)

42" SD Sept 04

42" HD Nov 04

50" HD Nov 04

Best regards



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I doubt any reliable info will come from Panasonic at this point in time. If I was them I would keep giving the users the latest date that still seems reasonable to the users so that they go ahead and buy D6 rather than wait for D7. Then when they can't hide the fact that the release is imminent any more they'll say: 'The release in in a month and look we brought it to you earlier than expected, aren't we cool.'

So, until Panasonic says in a month or so (which really hurts the margins on D6) I would't believe anything they say.


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I think that's a little unreasonable there, Panasonic had exactly the same timetable last year and kept to it (I think the 42PHD made it over a couple of weeks early but that's Panasonic logistics for you!)

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