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Oct 25, 2002
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I have had my PWD6 for about two months now, and have been running it on low contrast/brightness as advised by many on the forums.

With approx. 250 hours use on the screen I have decided to try and set up the screen properly, and have acheived an excellent picture with the best quality DVDs, but general picture qulaity leaves a lot to be desired.

The main problem is with the 'dithering' pixels that I understand to be a problem on all plasmas. Up close the image looks awful with dithering pixels everywhere. I have had extensive demos with the Panny 6 and the Pioneer 434, and have seen this problem, but nowhere near as bad as on my screen. Also, on the demo ones, it seemed much easier to adjust this out, on mine adjustments seem to make little difference.

I have since looked at other screens on display in shops, and the only one exhibiting this problem to the same degree as mine was a badly set-up Philips!

Moving back to my viewing distance of 12', this problem is still visible, on large dark areas, blue skies etc, whilst large expanses of any colours just look noisy. Close ups of faces look perfect.

My questions are:

1. Does the problem of dithering pixels vary from screen to screen of the same model?

2. What settings are other members using to minimise this problem?

3. Would it be worth me getting a professional to calibrate the screen properly?

Apologies for the rambling post, and thanks in advance for any advice.
can i ask what source you are using? alot of people using sky+ v2 are getting bad pictures and , the first thing done was blame my plasma..

but as you say the picture on dvd is stunning, maybe its a source issue????
I am using a Sony 930 DVD connected via component, Freeview via SCART, and PS2 via S-Video.

The DVD picture is only good on the best DVDs (Superbits, LOTR etc). On these, the dithering issue is very visible close up, but not from 12'. On most DVDs the dithering is visible from 12'.

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