Panny 6 help required!


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After 2 months of Panny 6 ownership, it looks as though I will have to send it back for repair. I was living with the problems, thinking that they would go after I set up the screen properly.

I have now run-in the screen, set it up, and the problems are still there, namely:

1. Green/grey dot crawl over dark areas/skin tones.

2. White dots in corner of screen dark areas shown, regardless of input.

Panasonic have offered to come and pick up the screen and repair it. I would prefer to get a technician out to assess whether the screen is faulty first, but this is not an option apparently.

Has anyone else had this dot crawl problem on the Panny 6, and been able to successfully 'tune' it out. It is present to a certain extent on most of the plasmas I have seen, but nowhere near as bad as mine.

If I could be convinced that this was not a fault, I may just keep the screen as it is. The white dots appear to have been there from new, and are not getting any worse. I only notice them when the light is off.

Any advice appreciated.


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I havent tried the VGA input, but it seems strange that it is doing it on all three of my input boards (SCART, S-Video and Component). As mentioned above, I have seen this on display models, but nothing like as bad as mine.

What is the cost of a component to VGA cable? Would I need a converter?

I definitely think that this is worth checking before sending it off - thanks for the advice.


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Lektopacks do a component cable to PC (VGA) input for about 26 quid!- pic quality is excellent - no need 4 a converter.

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