Panny 6 component question



Hi all,

Time to add the component board to my pw6.

Whats the difference between the BNC Component Video Board (TY-42TM6A) and the RCA Component video board (TY-42TM6Z)

The price difference is around £40 so could someone advise please.



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BNC's are a better connector - that's it as far as I can tell.



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I think the main difference is the bnc twist on and lock in to the board where as a phono component can easily be pulled out with a good tug(40quid wat a ripp off).


BNC's are better connectors....... but they are pro type connectors which is why we dont see them everywhere. I may or may not get a video board when i get the panny in a couple of weeks, if i do, it will be the bnc board



There is more contact area, and the connection is more secure, epecially important as the cables dangle vertically. You'll find it harder to buy BNC cables, though this is hardly a consideration for a man of your talents, and you only do it once. Go for BNC

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You can always use BNC to phono adapters if the cables are difficult to find.

Regarding phonos dropping off, the Profigold PGV3300 has twist lock phonos which prevent this.



but the big thing with bncs is the impedence, you have a 75 ohm cable impedence matched to 75 ohm bncs. RCA's are typically more like 50 ohm and not very strictly so, only very few (canare for example) are close to being 75 ohm. The use of adaptors is pointless really, you would be better with the RCA board in the first place.

Have a look for beekeepers posts (or Nic Rhodes), they go through these details alot more thoroughly. This impedence matter is one of the few factors in cabling that really does matter


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