Panny 6 Calibration?


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I have seen a couple of threads regarding calibration/setting up of Plasma displays. I am fairly happy with my picture at the moment but feel it could have more to offer if set up correctly?
How is this best achieved?
One post mentions "Avia" any info please?
Do you set up using a special DVD?

Any info gratefully recieved,


Kazuya Mishima

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Do a search for Avia. Maybe "Video Essentials" also - these could be one and the same.

It's a DVD you can get (R1 I believe) which helps calibrate your display. It must contain "test patterns" or something. For a simple version try a disc like Monsters Inc which has a "THX Optimiser" on it.


AVIA isnt region 1, rather it is NTSC so the same picture format as US region 1. Alternatively you can get digital video essentials which can be in either NTSC or PAL. Really one or other of these discs is an essential item these days. If you only use british dvds, then you would def want to go for DVE PAL

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