Panny 6 42PA20 at £2799 or W6 at £2400


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Richersounds are doing the Panny 42PA20 at £2799 which is the best price I've seen so far.

I'm going to need a stand, S-Video & Component inputs which ever way I do it.
So at this price, am I better going for the PA20 or paying £2400 for the W6 and buying the stand and connection boards on top.
The tuner & speakers are of no interest to me, plus I like the minimalistic look of the W6.

What would you do?


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I'd pick up a pw6 - buy the boards you need - or even feed a component signal through the PC input with a 26 quid cable. You'll also have more tweaking flexibility by not having to go via an inhouse tuner...


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do you mean you can't tweak the same on a PA20?
I was thinking from a value for money basis only, as all the dealers say there's no difference in picture quality.

Is the PW6 + boards better quality than PA20?

Tim Ashdown

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Jules, I hope you don't mind me asking but where can you get the w6 for £2400? I can only see the pa20 & pw5 on richer sounds website. It says the pw5 is £2499. If you're getting this confused with the w6 then definately get the pa20 as thats a great price and a superior screen. If you can get the w6 for £2400 thats an even better screen for less! Snick is right, the w6 is where my money would go. As far as dealers saying there is no difference in quality, many people on this forum have compared the two and have found the w6 superior, especially when using the vga instead of scart.


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The W6 is actually now £2369 here

Thanks for the tip, however I've no idea how much the stand and boards should cost, but I'd guess they're not cheap!
I'd be worried the total price of the W6 + stand + boards would end up making it relatively poor value for money.
How much should the stand & boards cost. I can't find the price for them anywhere.


The black WD6 with boards and mount is available elsewhere for similar or possibly less than the price you'd pay here. A mount is £135 + Vat at unicol, though cheaper are available, boards usually £100 for a scart board, 175 for a 'complete' board, you can see how it could add up. MOD EDIT : REMOVED UNSUBSTANTIATED LIBELLLIOUS COMMENT


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Have a look at are selling the PWD6 with a tilting wall mount and a component, composite boards included., for £2536.25 delivered!!
Alternatively have a look at, talk to Liam.....he'll give you the best advice you could hope for in getting the most from your hard earned ....


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I ordered the pa-20 deal on Friday from av-sales. If I was single or had a tech-savvy household I would have gone for the pw6.

Alas the designer tv it is...

Still it's not all bad, it's still gorgeous and has a great picture.

I'm just hoping they can source me one, as they seem to be having trouble getting them.

Pray for me I want to join the plasma party!

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