Panny 50ST30 or 50VT20


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Ah, buying a new TV... Breaking my brain all this week...

I have the chance to get either the VT20 or the ST30 for the same price, seen as the VT20 is the daddy of last years models does this mean it's still the best option to go for, or should I go with the ST30 simply because it's current..

It'll be used mostly for gaming and blurays, in a dark room.. I don't really care about 3D.

Any advice would be great, my head hurts

Thanks as always guys


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That's a tough one, as you really need someone who has owned both TVs to comment.

Having read up quite a lot on the 2010 and 2011 Panasonic plasmas before I bought my GT30, I'd instinctively go for the newer ST30 as the VT20 may suffer from the 'rising blacks' issue that affected the 2010 models. It also won't have a medium setting for IFC, which means the options for reducing judder and smoothing out motion and/or reducing the 50Hz issue are more limited.

Can you really still buy a new VT20 ? That must be really old stock !


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I didnt get the rising black level on my V20 though I did have it for less than a year. 3D this year is better though as is SD performance, my V20(same set as the VT without 3D) had a lot of false contouring and posterizing with SD (green and red streaks around faces etc). Some also complained of floating blacks where the darker part of the picture fluctuated at times. IFC has improved a lot this year too, never had it on with the V20 but for normal TV viewing I use the new med setting all the time. Im very impressed with my GT30, by far a better set than the V20 I had, its the set I wanted last year.

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50ST just got a 5 star brief review in the latest issue of what hi-fi maybe worth a read....

Don't really know much about the V20?

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