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I'm considering getting my Plasma ISF calibrated and have a few questions before I go ahead:

1. Both my PS3 and HD-XE1 effectively share the same HDMI input via my Onkyo 605. Can the Panny still be calibrated for each of them or is it 1 combined, best-fit setting?

2. I've noticed on the Pioneers that after they've been calibrated there are 2 new picture modes: ISF Day & ISF Night. Is this the same for the Panny or does the calibration use one of the 4 existing modes and will it have separate night & day settings?

3. Can you calibrate the screen for a V+ cable box? (connected direct to the TV to the other HDMI socket.) If so, how without the ability to insert and display external media through it?

4. And finally, to any PX60 owners that have had ISF calibration: Do you think it was worth getting done? :D


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Another question :D

5. My Panny is overscanning the image by about 3%. Is this adjustable as part of the calibration, particularly for the XE1 & PS3?

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1: If you set the PS3 and HD-DVD to output the same signal types and levels...and they both measure the same then you are elected. If not you may need to try to use two settings.

2: No you can't create day and night ISF named settings like the Pioneers. Panasonic do not have that interface capability. You can still optimise the thing though using the normal presets

3: Yes, using super calibration skills and experience

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