Panny 50" with only VGA sockets...


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Can I use an XGA box (gadmei) to watch freeview box on my panny 50" plasma?

It only has 2 vga sockets (female) so makes a great monitor but I want to watch tv on it lol.

Got it from work as it had slight IR but a great set. Tried £3 scart to vga cable but no joy so searched the forum and an xga box was suggested to someone but he never said how he got on with it.



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I don't know about the box you're talking of. But you can do what you're trying to do, as I have converted RGB scart to VGA on a Panasonic 42PH9.

I used to use a JS Tech Scart to VGA box here. It worked great.

I still have it and keep meaning to put it in the classified forums.


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Not sure I can post a price here. But £30 delivered. I can put up a classified ad if you wanted it, to do everything offically on here.

Mods, if I'm not allowed to post this, sorry, please remove post.


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