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I'm working myself up to spend some dosh on the new Panny 5 42" and just wanted to reassure myself of a few things.. (and yes, before you ask - my DVD player is out of the ark and I've had it for years but it's served me well! - I will get around to upgrading it at some point)

Stuff I want to hook up:

NTL Cable Box
Panasonic DVD-A100
Sony SLV-SE700 VCR
Dreamcast with Scart
Denon AVR-2700 Amp

My Denon Amp has composite and S-Video inputs although I can't use both at the same time (or so I believe).. - S-Video will be the obvious choice here..

Here's what I'm thinking..

NTL into the Denon via JS Tech RGB->S-Video
DVD straight into the Denon

..And er.. that's the only thing I'm sure of... what will I do with my VCR and Dreamcast?

Any advice greatly appreciated..

Thanks in advance, James

PS - As an aside - has anyone hooked up their PC to the Panny? - I'm wondering if the resolution is useable for decent web browsing etc as more and more sites are being designed with higher resolutions in mind.. although I read somewhere that the Panny can 'squash' higher resolutions onto it's screen - with what loss of quality I'm not sure.. this may be a question for another forum - please tell me if this is so!


VCR can then go via composite, (scart to composite + stereo) it's your only option unless you get a tuner for the Panny. Scart your dreamcast and VCR to each other, and that's it really. It'll get you going anyway. As for PC, a suitable driver for the display would seem the best way if available, ask the dealer. Other than that, it'll scale std. 4:3 resolutions to fill the screen, with widescreen options just like a TV, ie stretched or black bars at the side.

There are other options for connectivity also, like RGB-component vid converters, for which you'd probably need a scart switch to use RGB from both sources. (Does the dreamcast not do RGB?) Or RGB-VGA from JS, lektropaks or Keene, possibly the highest quality option for your current kit. Upgrading your DVD to one with component vid is the obvious next step there.

This was on Pan. website on PC connectivity.

Built-in down converter - a Panasonic original - makes the TH-37PWD4 compatible with a wide variety of PC display modes. This converter automatically switches the scanning frequency depending on the input signal. It provides a horizontal scanning rate of 15.6kHz up to a very high 110 kHz, and vertical scanning of 45Hz to 120 Hz. The converter can process VGA, SVGA, XGA and UXGA modes, and display each in the 480p format.

In other words you need a program called dscaler, it will enable you to display at native resolution. I've lost my url for it, ask in HCPC forum, I know it's not your panel, but they all say the same!



Thanks for the reply but I believe my Denon Amp will only take S-video OR composite, so I couldn't plug my VCR into it if I'm already using S-Video for the NTL and DVD could I?

Is there a reasonably priced composite to S-Video converter available? (not too worried about outstanding quality from the VCR)

And yep, the Dreamcast does outbut RGB via scart - do you know if the JS Tech RGB->S-Video convertor can handle 2xRGB scart inputs? (then I can have the NTL & Dreamcast plugged into it)

Thanks once again.. these really are the best forums around!

Cheers, James


I meant take the composite straight to the display, but I think what your denon manual means about the s-vid/composite thing is that you can't mix source and output types on the same input. ie don't expect it to convert the formats. My Yamaha is like that, the circuits are completely separate, composite in, composite out, svid in, svid out. If you go the s-vid route, I think you can connect the s-vid and composite outputs to the plasma, and if there's an s-vid signal associated with a source it will send it, and if there's a composite source it will send that. You may not be able to use both, ie the DVD has both as outputs, you should only connect one via the amp. Mine's wired like that, and it works.


Ahhh brilliant..

I didn't think I'd be able to plug in to composite and S-vid on the panny at the same time.. or was it RGB and S-Video at the same time..? (memory like a sieve)

Can you have things plugged into all the inputs at the same time? - is it just auto-switching between them that won't work? (like I care about having to use the remote to switch between them all!)

You've been a great help.. methinks I've worked myself up into enough of a frenzy to spend some money.. now all I have to do is look forward to the guilt factor for the next few months (I hate spending £££!!!)..

Cheers again..


Mine's got every orifice filled.....switch between them on remote. Check your Denon book again, and if it doesn't specifically warn about equipment damage, try the switching on there, it save a push or two on a remote, and clutter on the coffee table. You may be surprised, the Japs. are still not awfully clear in their manuals, though a great way on from those Tamika kits I used to make 25 years ago!


MAW, you have just made my day - hooking up from a variety of source-types was my main worry.. thank-you!

I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve!!

mark raeburn

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I have the panny 5 and you cannot connect s-vid and composite at the same time. The moment you connect the s-vid cable (even if there's no signal going through it) the composite terminals are disabled!!


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Has your dvd player got two scarts ? If so then why not loop the gamecube on rgb through the dvd player and then the dvd player into the plasma either on the rgb (component) scoeckets of with a Dr. John rgb>vga converter into the vga sockets ...

You could then do something similar with the ntl box using rgb out to whichever input you are not using on the panny (vga or component) ...

This way you would keep your 'best' sources i.e. those that can do rgb out at the best quality and to the best inputs ... IMHO anyway ... I'd try and avoid using s-video if possible ...


That'd be what I would do, I've had endless interference troubles with S-video. mine's connected but never used. In fact, it may not be connected at the amp at present, RGB-VGA is so much better. I still think a scart multi way adapter would be the best way, or you have to buy 2 RGB converters. Then you can plug all 3 RGB sources into it, convert them probably to component, leaving the VGA port for PC. The only downside is I can't think of a remote controlled scart adapter, you have to get out of your chair. Then, with the s-vid and composite issue reported, don't put anything in the S-Vid hole, a scart to composite lead will do the VHS, but you won't be happy with that for long I'm afraid, you'll have to buy a tivo and connect it with RGB.....

So, that'll cost you about £200, sorry about the misinformation on the s-vid, different model, I shouldn't assume things. I still think your denon will switch both types of vid but not at the same time though. Irrelevant if you really can't use all the connectors. A crazy retrograde step.

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